TOP 5 Couples Dating Sites Make Your Dreams of Hooking Up With Couples Come True!

Having intimate adventures as a couple can be extremely fun.
If you think that such a fantasy will not ruin your couple harmony, you may very well go for it, because many couples that do couple hookups stated to be happier afterwards.
Well, when both of them get to live their fantasy and enjoy the freedom of having various partners without the risk of compromising the relationship, things can get better indeed.
But, where can you find couples looking for couples?
As I found out, it is not easy at all to find couples hookup. The best places to start looking are couples dating sites.
Yes, there are quite a few out there, but not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. How do I know if a site is worth trying or not?
I subscribed to every couple dating site I found, in order to experiment the services it offers and take a look at their member databases.
In the end, I draw the line and picked out the best couples dating sites, reviewing them in this present website.
So, check out each of them and see which one will suit you best. You won’t regret which you will pick, because they are reputable and tested.


#1 AdultFriendFinder

Why a couple decides to appear on a dating site? Most of these couples are seeking swinger hookups online, such as couples hookup, threesome dating and foursome sex. So, in these situations, adult dating sites are always the best platforms for these couples who are looking for others couples, to make their fantasies come true. It is known to everybody that is the world’s best adult hookup site. Of course, it is also one the largest couples dating sites on the Internet. ..


Who usually enjoys sex with more than one person the most? Yes, your answer may be right, as we are talking about bisexuals. Since more and more people are accepting the LGBT community, couples start to get more chances to find threesome hookups or foursome sex by dating bisexuals. Known as the world’s largest bisexual dating site, is also a great platform for bisexual women, men, and couples looking for other couples. ..


GetItOn is one of the most unique and efficient couples dating sites online. There you will find three very unique features which can rarely be seen on other couples websites. Those are Easy-to-use search engine features, compatibility matching, and webcam chat. Using these three features makes it very easy for those couples looking for couples and for couples sex dating. ...

#4 is one of those small dating sites for couples that has a lot of things to offer its users. Sadly, it often goes unnoticed, as other bigger websites have become more popular during the course of time. SDC gives the opportunity to couples and single people to experience their deepest sex desires while having a safe and private platform for them to feel free enough. ...


Although is too similar to, it still provides successful results. It is completely safe to use as, but it attracts more single women and men looking for couples here. However, in order Passion to establish itself among the other reputable couples dating sites, it has to upgrade the customer service and to make the website ...


People who enjoy couples hookups are usually called “swingers”, because they hook up with other couples and exchange partners in the bedroom. The more alternative a hookup site is, the more swingers there are on that particular site. Known as the world largest BDSM and fetish dating site for all kinky couples and singles, can easily accept any kind of couples, making it the ideal spot for swingers. ..

Top 5 Myths That Surround Couples Who Play with Others

One of the reasons that we have taken the time to explore and rate the best dating sites for couples, is that we are tired of all the misconceptions that surround our lifestyle choice. Couples who choose to seek to bring in another person or couple into their intimate group are often misunderstood. If you are new or curious to the lifestyle, you might have questions or misconceptions of your own. Here are a few of the top myths and misconceptions about our lifestyle.

Myth 1: Bringing others into your relationship is a form of cheating.

Each couple makes their own rules regarding boundaries within their relationship. Being intimate with another person or couple is only cheating if one partner does not agree or is unaware. The boundaries you and your partner set are the only ones that determine what is cheating and what is not.

Myth 2: You must have a bad marriage or unsatisfactory sex life.

The truth is quite the contrary to this statement. There is a need to be completely open and vulnerable when opening your relationship up to other people. It involves sharing your fantasies and your desires, and being receptive to things outside of yourself that bring your partner pleasure. While it isn’t for everyone, couples who are interested in this lifestyle often report being even happier and more satisfied once they begin interacting intimately with other couples.

Myth 3: If you are this non-conforming in your personal life, you must have low moral standards.

This is one of the most ridiculous of myths out there. Couples who enjoy the company of other couples are just like everyone else. Sexual interests do not dictate morality.

Myth 4: This is a “party” lifestyle and you risk exposing your children.

You certainly can party, drink and do whatever recreational activities that you enjoy while playing with another couple, but the reality is that most of us enjoy the experience as it is, for what it is, without the need for extras. Your encounters can be just as intimate and personal as they are with just one person.
Secondly, couples who play with other couples, who also happen to be parents tend to take more safeguards protecting their children from exposure to their intimate activities than do typical couples. Encounters almost always take place out of the home, or with the children away.

Myth 5: You will get a disease.

True, being sexually active with anyone increases your risk of STDs. And, the more partners you have, the more you up your chances. However, couples who play with others are no more promiscuous than singles on the dating scene, or people who cheat. Typically, couples are more aware of consequences and use protection at a higher rate than their single peers.